I am a Portland, Oregon based architectural photographer, writer and creative project manager with a diverse 20 year branding background and some crazy stories.

I help Northwest architects, designers, builders and engineers showcase the strategy, creativity and craftsmanship that sets their work apart from the competition.

My working style and practices are anchored in love for my clients and the built environment. I believe the entire process should be fun, flexible and in my client's best interest.

Beyond being compelling to look at, professional photography has a job to do. As a career marketer, I shoot with the end goal of the images in mind. This means your photos will look and perform as well on your website as they do in print advertising, collateral and on social media.


Experience. The extended version.

My career path began in resource development for the non-profit sector, wound through book design and found home in the A/E/C industry as an architectural photographer and writer.

From 2008 through 2016, I co-owned the Bend, Oregon branding agency, Studio Absolute. Quitting a full time job during the recession to launch a business proves I have just the right amount of crazy to to make it as a successful entrepreneur. The studio is still thriving today and we often partner together on projects!

During my time as an active co-owner, I wore a number of hats including copywriter, brand researcher, photographer and speaker/instructor at the Central Oregon Community College. While I was wearing the new business development hat, the studio partnered with over 200 clients to build and differentiate their brands.

There is something to be said for the diversity of experience gained from working with 200+ very different branding clients. Although there are distinct principles that apply across the board, the process still requires a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities specific to that business and its sector.

One of the studio's first clients was Salem based Curry Architecture which we rebranded to Lenity Architecture. In the years to come the studio became heavily invested in the A/E/C (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) space.

In 2013, Lenity Architecture brought me on as their first and only dedicated marketing staff to lead the 40 person firm through a multi-faceted marketing campaign, the launch of a new Bend branch and the advancement of the commercial division. After meeting these benchmarks, I launched DONE Marketing & Photography in 2015 with the vision of using a similar model of action to get things DONE for my busy clients.

That brings me to the launch of DONE Marketing & Photography in 2015 which is now quietly evolving into Cheryl McIntosh Photography. I didn't factor irony into a future rebrand. Nobody's perfect.

I currently travel monthly to Bend, Oregon for photography assignments. For my clients with building or design projects in multiple locations, working with one photographer ensures cohesiveness across their portfolio.


I recently joined the family of freelancers for The Daily Journal of Commerce. Freelancing for the DJC allows me to dig deeper into the industry while expanding my competencies as a writer and photographer. Staying engaged with the conversations and projects impacting the local A/E/C community and our state positions me as a true partner to my clients and contributing member of the city I live in.

I believe in giving back what has been so freely given to me in the way of time, mentorship and resources. I am an active member of The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Oregon and serve on the Programs and Membership Committees while donating photography services to help further the mission of the organization. SMPS is a diverse community of marketing and business development professionals working together to move the A/E/C industry forward. Ask me about membership and volunteer opportunities!

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