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Cheryl McIntosh

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I started shooting in 2009 when I launched the branding agency, Studio Absolute. Our agency had all sorts of clients, and it gave me an opportunity to learn different techniques for different subjects. 


The studio's first client, Lenity Architecture, hired me out of my business and into theirs to open a satellite office and direct their marketing. With 100's of projects all over the US and Canada, I had the chance to hone my architectural photography skills while learning about the A/E/C industry in greater depth.

At Quanta Collectiv, I focus on traditional still architectural photography on the ground or from a helicopter when necessary. I work with skilled outside partners, such as my friend and past business partner, Casey Braunger, to provide high end drone and video work.

I enjoy shooting and editing equally and for different reasons. Shoot days are energy filled, highly collaborative and creative. It's great when clients join me on site and I'm always open to feedback as we work. We're all exhausted by the end of the day–but it's a good kind of tired. 

I enjoy working with a diverse range of models (who I'm happy to recruit) to reveal how people interact organically in their environment. I bring an inclusionary energy to the photoshoot which sparks candid enthusiasm from even the most stoic.

I regularly use artificial lighting to compliment what the natural light is already doing beautifully. 

The production phase generally takes a couple weeks and is the realization of all the creativity expressed on site. Editing feels much like painting and it's easy to loose myself in a scene. It's like watching a mystery unfold with each layer that I unveil in Photoshop. 

Today I enjoy helping other photographers and AEC marketers learn and grow, and much of my time is devoted to speaking engagements where I have expertise to share.

I'd love to learn about your firm, what your photographic needs are, and answer any questions you might have. I also love coffee, and would be delighted to treat us both.

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