I am a Portland, Oregon based architectural photographer.

I help architects, designers, builders and engineers showcase the strategy, creativity and craftsmanship that sets their work apart from the competition.

My working style and practices are anchored in love for my clients and the built environment. I believe the entire process should be fun, flexible and fairly priced. 

Beyond being compelling to look at, photography has a job to do. As a career marketer, I shoot with practical use in mind. This means your photos will look and perform as well on your website as they do in print advertising, collateral and on social media.

My career as an architectural photographer took shape after several years as the co-owner of a branding agency in Bend, OR. I started with product photography and business portraiture, but my interest was soon peaked by the design aspect of architectural photography. 


In 2013, I pivoted from the branding agency to working full time as the marketing director for one of our clients, Lenity Architecture. I led the firm through a major marketing campaign, spearheaded the launch of a satellite Bend branch, ran local operations and supported the growth of our commercial division. My unique role with the firm allowed me to work with project teams on an exciting range of creative initiatives from pitch to portfolio. My passion for architectural photography grew with each new project until I transitioned to shooting full time in 2015.


After a lifetime in rural communities, I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2017 to gain the experience that a larger city can provide in terms of project scope and type. I still return to Central Oregon frequently on assignment.  

I am an active member of The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Oregon, past board member/Chair of the Membership Committee

About Pricing

Projects are bid based on a number of variables including the number of images and project scope. Please inquire for an estimate based on your specific project needs. A shot list is helpful in preparing an accurate bid.

There are a number of different ways we can work together. In addition to flat rate or per image budgets, I also offer package and hourly rates. These flexible arrangements are helpful for catching up on portfolio work and documenting projects under construction. Image usage rights are flexible and do not expire.



























And lastly just for fun, here are a few of my past lives... 

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